Cake Decorating Ideas For Beginners

It is an art and skill to decorate cake; it is a professional skill of a baker to make a cake and decorate it. Some do this for the business purpose while others love to do this and make this hobby a business. Cakes are found in every other occasion, cake decorations are most commonly done in auspicious occasions like birthday parties, Christmas parties, weddings, various events and sometimes cakes are used for accompanying some special meals. Some people are very creative and they make it a way for outlet for making some meals or to make everybody feel like something different with some dessert with their meals to make it special.

Cake Decorating IdeasIdeas for decorating a Cake:

There is variety of cake designs available, from complex ones to really simple ones. Cakes come up in layers some are single layered and some are multiple layered, some cakes come in different shapes and sizes. The cake that come in different sizes are called cut up cakes or even cut out cakes and these cakes usually add up to your celebration. Shaped cakes are easily created and add up uniqueness in your celebration. Many bakers are popular in making 3 dimensional cakes. There are also various reality shows that show people creating varied kinds of cakes, huge cakes, multi layered cakes and also 3 dimensional cakes.

Cake decoration varies according to the occasion; they can be simply done with icing or can be recreated in various realities or imaginary objects like a castle, some dolls, with Santa clause etc. Objects for decoration are also available in the supermarkets by which cakes can be creatively decorated. Some people are very much talented and skilled in cake decoration that they can create almost anything and they are much better than anyone else and they can make this their livelihood as well. Some decorate the cakes with candles which are meant to be removed before eating, cake decorations are mostly done with edible items, frostings can also be used for cake decoration. Cakes are also decorated using flowers made of crystals and they look very beautiful and are very much admirable.

Ways of decorating a Cake:

Cakes are generally decorated with icing sugar and are covered using an icing or some form of icing and it can be decorated using sugar crystals, chocolate candies, chocolate bars and much more. It can also be decorated by sprinkling some icing sugar at the top and a glossy blanket is made by drizzling on top of the cake.

You can decorate with a piping made of icing flowers and by decorating the borders and by gum paste molds, a fondant can be used or even flowers and figures of marzipan.
Fondant is very useful for any baker to explore their creativity. Various color fondants can be made, they come up in wide range of colors, and their texture is very soft and can be easily handled. As they are soft and supple hence cake decorators can easily mold it into various shapes and sizes. There are a lot of cake decoration classes available where these cake decorating arts are taught in a professional way. Fondant is the primary thing which is used to cover a cake at the same time fondants are also used to create various items for cake decoration, various impressions can be molded out of it.  To create flowers in cake decoration gumpastes are used.

 Easy Cake Decorating Ideas

A sweet icing is made from egg whites freshly whipped out or from powdered egg whites mixed with icing sugar which is known as royal icing.

With the help of royal icing edges of cake can be made in a well defined way. They are very good for creating borders for performing scroll works and various laceworks on the cake for decorating. Royal icing very easily gets dried and can also be preserved safely. IT is required to be preserved in a dry area and cooler place and if kept in humidity areas there are high chances of it getting soft and wilted.

Marzipan is usually used decorating cakes and is used as a base cover under the fondant. Various professional institutes are available which conduct cookery classes and are completely dedicated in making cake.

There are varied choices available that are creative and innovative for decorating cakes you just need to explore your imagination.